About Us

About Us 

We believe in supporting US-based apparel companies and manufacturing traditions. For our own apparel line we selected manufacturing partners in USA and the best quality materials we could find: US-sourced waxed fabrics, Horween leather, brass hardware, and Occasionally, we may need to source a component internationally when appropriate substitutes are not available domestically. If so, we will make this clear in the product description in the Archival Clothing store. Perhaps over time, our efforts will help to stimulate the domestic market and encourage US manufacturers to expand their offerings. We hope you will help us with that. We stand behind all of our products, the ones we make and the ones we offer in our store. They are designed to be highly functional, to wear well, to be maintainable, and will last you a lifetime

In our store, we strive to offer you products that are, in our opinion, “best in category,” manufactured in their traditional country of origin. These are products that we have bought ourselves, worn and time-tested and would recommend to our closest friends. You will see many fine examples from fine wool nautical sweaters from St. James (France), leather goods from Billy Kirk (USA), and large capacity Steele Canvas totes (USA). We also share Our Finds, products that aren’t available in our store, but are ones that you will also enjoy. Our goal is to help you research and source the best products when you are looking to replace or add to your existing collection. 

Our Team

Archival Clothing LLC was established in August of 2009 with the goal of creating products that would be good enough to feature on the Archival Clothing blog, which has been around since May 2007. Lesli and Tom, who both live and work in Eugene, Oregon, research, write about and field test heritage apparel. In addition they both design and manage the Archival Clothing product line.

Lynn and Joan, who live and work in Boulder, Colorado, manage the office and web store, support our retailers and look for new products and offerings in women’s apparel. They are also occasional contributors to the blog.

Archival Clothing exists because of the generous support of our friends, colleagues, and readers who recommend products, research historical sources, and report on their own archival finds. If you would like to be a regular contributor, or have a product you would like us to review, get in touch with us at info@sammykingsfashion.com. We look forward to hearing from you.